When you are on Lošinj, do not hesitate to breathe deeply, because literally, you inhale health!

About Lošinj

The island of Lošinj is located north-south in the Kvarner Bay. With the city of Mali Lošinj, which is also the largest settlement on all Adriatic islands, the larger settlements on the island are Veli Lošinj, Ćunski, Sv. Jakov and Nerezine.

Lošinj is far from the usual city crowd, but again, only a depthless observer would miss that it's teeming with life that goes on in the charming, slightly slow Mediterranean rhythm, from early morning till late night hours. The coast is surrounded by dense, fragrant pine forests and is ideal for endlessly long walks. The crystal-clear sea and the rich underwater world will bring you an adventurous spirit, encouraging you to explore each hidden bay, every islet, and rock. Every town and hamlet on the island tells a centuries-old story, undisturbed by time and never spoken to the end. A joyful summer murmur comes from sunny bays. At sunset, slow steps and loud laughter resound through the ancient narrow streets, and the nostalgic song reaches from the half-dark taverns.

All those whom the island of Lošinj is an unavoidable summer destination for many years, know well why do they come back every year. Once captivated by the beauty of the island and the hospitality of the people, many will gladly return to a sunny oasis in which are always welcome.

History of Mali Losinj and the beginnings of tourism

The first written documents take us back to the distant 1398th when the first settlement is founded in the area of the nowadays city of Mali Lošinj. At mid-19th century, the island and the city are passing through its golden age, primarily through strongly developed maritime and shipbuilding. Mali Lošinj then had the most developed commercial fleet in the Adriatic Sea and was the most important port on the Adriatic behind Trieste. Island's residents were known as excellent sailors and shipbuilders, and the city and surrounding counted even 11 shipyards! From this period dates the look of the city center, which has remained almost intact to this day.

When you are on Lošinj, do not hesitate to breathe deeply, because literally, you inhale health! The mild climate throughout the year favors the lush vegetation, and more than 1,000 different plant species is growing on the island. Even in the late 19th century, Austro-Hungarian aristocracy was the first who discovered all the benefits of the Mediterranean climate and its beneficial effect on human health. They declared Lošinj a health resort and built numerous villas and cottages, which are still the dignified witnesses of the times of slower living.

Recreation and entertainment

The island of Lošinj is an ideal destination for all lovers of motion and all those who prefer active holidays. The whole island is interwoven with paths and walkways that pass through a fragrant environment, that are leading to villages with a long and interesting history. If you want to enjoy the charms of the sea depths, choose one of diving centers. Explore mysterious caves and reefs under the watchful eye of experienced instructors and enjoy the pristine beauty of a rich Lošinj's undersea world. If you prefer sports activities on the sea surface, find pleasure in sailing, surfing, water skiing and sports fishing. While sailing, you might meet and a flock of dolphins, the last in the northern Adriatic. Salute and keep safe these wonderful friendly creatures that have chosen the waters of Lošinj for their habitat.

Be sure to save a bit energy for the late evening hours and relax in a pleasantly warm Lošinj's nights. Combine the overwhelming flavors of domestic Mediterranean cuisine and good wine in one of the taverns. If you want to have fun outdoors, see for some performances or music events in city squares. If you want to hang out and make new acquaintances, or dance and have fun to the late night hours, visit one of the many terraces with "live" music or a nightclub. In a wide range of daily entertainment, you will surely find something that meets your taste.

Cultural facilities

Every museum and gallery in town will tell you an exciting story about the history of the island of Lošinj and its people and events. A rich collection of Lošinj's works of art, which are diligently collected by families Piperata and Mihičić, is kept in the Palace Fritzi. To learn more about the turbulent history of Lošinj's captains and their sailing ships, be sure to visit the museum and gallery Kula in Veli Lošinj. If you're a hopeless romantic, then do not forget to visit the thematic viewpoint Providenca. The rocky hill overlooks the Lošinj archipelago, which will remain in your memory long after you leave the island.

All who truly love music, know the importance of space and atmosphere for the full experience of each played note. Hardly we can imagine a better place for classical music concert than the cathedral in Osor, which dates back to the 15th century and in which Osor musical evenings are traditionally held. Each played tone that glides over the centuries-old walls of the cathedral, joins in a unique musical experience that relaxes the body and fills the soul.

he latest attraction that has kept a lot of attention even at the global level is Apoxyomenos, almost 2000 years old bronze statue of an athlete who is in mid-1996 found in the Lošinj underwater, and surfaced in 1999. The Lošinj statue is the most complete and best preserved of all known variations. After restoration, which lasted almost seven years, ancient Apoxyomenos is going through its second youth in the new museum in the city center, which offers a fascinating audiovisual experience.

Regardless are you more inclined to relaxation and idling, or you are a fan of active holidays, we believe you will find something that suits you in the richness of events on our island. Natural diversity and rich cultural heritage of the island, will awake your curiosity and encourage the research spirit. While traveling back to your home full of impressions, you will ask yourself what else was there worth visiting and exploring while you were on the island. A lot of things, because it is impossible to reveal everything in a single short visit. That's why, we believe, you will come back next year.

Photographies in header and Apoxyomenos: mr. Marko Vrdoljak

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