How to choose the right beach for a complete experience of summer joy? This is one of the questions often asked by our customers, and to which there is no universal answer. As in everything in life, it is a matter of personal taste and the actual needs. Fans of wild nature usually prefer rocky and secluded beaches without a lot of noise and crowd. Some prefer sandy beaches with plenty to do for a daily family entertainment. For some, the most important are easy access and closeness to catering objects. From the large number of beaches on the island of Lošinj, we emphasize and briefly describe the most known ones, believing that you will choose your favorite among them. Of course, do not hesitate to ask us for advice and we will be glad to recommend a beach that will meet your needs and wishes.


Kadin is located at the entry to the city of Mali Lošinj and is often the destination of all who enjoy the wide and clear sea. The beach has no additional facilities, is mostly rocky with concrete surfaces and all day exposed to sunlight.


Artatore beach is located in a cove on the southern part of the island, 5 kilometers before entry to the city of Mali Lošinj and 3 km from our house. Quiet and peaceful bay is framed by a thick pine forest and Mediterranean vegetation, and the beach is mostly rocky, with a natural pebbled surface, especially in the central part of the bay near shops and kiosks on the beach.


A thick pine forest in Čikat Bay descends to the sea, straight to the only sand beach on the island. For this reason, but also because of a richness of supporting recreational and catering facilities, the beach is a favorite spot for an all-day family vacation with small children. It is followed by rocky beaches and sandy beach below the camp and connected with kilometers-long paved footpaths. We would recommend a visit to the Aquapark in Camp Čikat, the first built on any of the Croatian islands. In the area of up to 6300 m2 are all facilities for unforgettable fun and enjoyment for all generations.

Sunčana uvala

Pebble beach resort Sunčana uvala is located in a cove edged by high pine trees. It is awarded the "Blue Flag" for cleanliness of the sea and the quality of services, and easy access to the sea and the richness of supporting facilities makes it an ideal choice for families with children, but also for all lovers of water sports and outdoors.


The picturesque sandy cove Borik, in which is the namesake beach, faces the west with a whole day sunlight during good weather. With flat rocks for sunbathing and easy entry into the shallow water, Borik beach is suitable for families with small children.

Maritime zone of Lošinj

Along with previously listed beaches, island Lošinj yet the entire waters, are known for many hidden and picturesque bays. Due to its natural beauty, are the real paradise for contemporary Robinsons, and most of them can be reached only by sea. If you are adventurous and prone of resting in wild nature, then you shouldn't miss a chance to visit one of these bays.


Islands of Lošinj maritime zone

Lošinj maritime zone, due to its rich indented coastline has long been very attractive to boaters, but also to all those who want to explore the magic of the underwater world or visit some of the populated islands. To all who want to experience a true quiet of small island and enjoy the beautiful natural beaches, we recommend a tour of Susak, Ilovik, and Unije.

The island of Susak

The island of Susak is in many ways unique island in the Adriatic. A sandy island intrigues visitors with its unusual beauty, rich history, specific traditions and picturesque folk costumes which are hard to find elsewhere.

For generations, residents of the island of Susak jealously guard and pass forward to their descendants their archaic speech, which is protected as a cultural heritage.

Sail on the island is by boat that has a daily departure from Mali Lošinj. During the summer season, tourist boats depart to Susak daily. Usually, are anchored in the harbor of Mali Lošinj, and at night you can book a ticket for the trip.

The island of Unije

Unije – an island of diversities. A steep and inaccessible coastline to the north contrasts with the southwestern part where the settlement Unije takes place. On one side rocky barren land; on the other, forested beautiful cove with a long pebble beach and fertile loess soil in which olives were cultivated since ancient times.

On Unije, noise and rush are completely unknown, so it affects all wayfarers that are very quickly getting used to the idyllic peace.

The island of Unije is connected with Lošinj by regular boat service and with excursion boats during the summer.

The island of Ilovik

Ilovik is an island of ancient history, which has been well known for a long time to all sailors who have sailed in local waters and which were finding refuge from bad weather and storms in a naturally protected channel formed by Ilovik and the islet of Sv. Petar.

In recent years, is a favorite summer destination for yachtsmen, and is also known as the "island of flowers" for many flower gardens that decorate yards of Ilovik's resident's houses. The island is far away from any noise and rush, and for refreshment from the summer heat, visit the beautiful sandy beach in the bay Paržine on the southeastern side of the island.

Regular boat line sails daily to Mali Lošinj, along with excursion boats that sail every day during the summer season.